If you’ve ever fancied kicking back in an island all to your own, look no further than Vini’s Farm in Kerala.

Located on Munroe Island which is 10 minutes by boat from the mainland, this stunning property might be the only one of its kind in India, and maybe even the world. The 2-acre island offers uninterrupted views of the Ashtamudi Lake on one side and the Kallada River on the other.

Your crib itself is another thing to behold – A woody lodge standing on stilts with every luxury and a view of the water regardless of where you’re looking. You’re surrounded by lush greenery, fed the freshest food, and it’s all against the backdrop of the scenic, serene backwaters.

There’s a curious story behind how this homestay came to be as well. Host Aram Paul says,

“Vini’s Farm was a surprise gift to my wife, Vinita, for her birthday. She did not have any clue till I took her to our farm. Lots of people have influenced me to create this farm. It includes my Dad, CJ Paul IFS, who was a Conservator of Forests. He loved nature and I grew up in tune with him.”

That love for the environment has really found its way into the aesthetic of the place. There’s a multitude of activities you can literally dip your toes into – fishing, swimming, kayaking, bird watching, otter spotting, organic farming – the whole shebang.

You can really tell that the farm isn’t just a resort, but a project of passion for the couple. The charming wooden cottages, the organic and self sufficient approach, the perfect balance they’ve achieved with their surroundings, all of it comes together to make something really special.   

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