From weird sleeping schedules to even weirder eating habits, there are a lot of things we all are going through together during this lockdown. 

So naturally, acne is bound to happen with all these lifestyle changes. 

Source: Skin Kraft

But a Tik-Tok user named sierrastyles found an easy hack for those stubborn pimples and it actually worked. 

In the video, she recommended using a raw potato and taping it with a band-aid or a tape over the pimple overnight. 

And it worked like magic. 

While a lot of people couldn't believe that it actually worked, some thought this trick was sort of shady. 

Source: Tik Tok

While potatoes are said to reduce dark spots and brightens skin, we don't really know if this trick is 100% efficient. Looks like you gotta try it to know it since you have the time now.