Doesn’t matter what you do or where you work, your passion is what makes you stand apart from others. 

And Puia, who currently works as a watchman at the Chikpete Metro Station, in Bengaluru, is not deterred by anything to follow his passion of drawing and sketching.

A Reddit user shared his story and we are really amazed by this watchman’s enthusiasm.

According to the post, a group of artists who were commissioned to make murals at the Chickpete Metro Station in Bengaluru found this man sketching sitting under a tin shade. This is what caught their attention and they approached this man.

Initially, he was hesitant to show his work to them, but when they told him that they are also artists, he agreed. And to their surprise he had drawn an almost realistically looking photo of a model from a newspaper.

Soon, he started assisting these artists in their work and later, he even helped them in drawing and sketching murals on the walls of the metro station.

Now, almost a year later, Puia has collaborated on a mural about the Bangalore Karaga, with Yash Bhandari, and Geethanjali AR. He is now looking forward to leave his job as a watchman and work as a full-time artist. 

The project has been commissioned by the BMRCL, facilitated by Art in Transit, and curated by Aliyeh Rizvi.

Yash Bhandari, who is also involved in the project, told ScoopWhoop that their team is trying its best to encourage this man to do his own piece of art so that he can earn his due as an artist.

He also said:

While we work and wander around the occupation site, we discover that art practice is not just entitled to institutions, it’s a part of everyday hobby for some, waiting to be discovered. And thta the only success of such practices is that if someone we get help from, in the next few months gets a job or income for their own practice.

He informs us that this project is not just about being a beautification drive in the city. It’s a way to extend and understand the role drawing and painting plays in public life. And moreover in a market area like Chickpete, it’s also about the jobs being created.

And people are all up praising this man who deserves much more.

Hopefully, Puia is able to present more of his artistic works in future. 

We wish him all the success as he follows his passion. 

All images sourced from mew767.