If I had a hundred million dollars, I’d be… umm… what will I do? *goes into a spiral of thoughts* Maybe spend all of it on clothes, oh wait no, I’ll strike every item off of my bucket list, which anyway includes buying every high-end fashion brand ever. As shallow as my bucket list sounds, we asked people about that one thing they would want to cross off their bucket list before they leave the world. And well, I for one, have got more things to add to mine.

Well, all of us have our bucket list in place, but the piggy bank department almost always looks off the track.  Yes, I get it, you’d say we don’t earn enough. But hey, you don’t have to wait for the time when you start earning a lot in order to save a lot. Start with less, small SIPs in mutual funds will turn into large figures by the time you’re ready to tick off things from your bucket list. You can start planning your dream bucket list because money should not be the thing to come in between you and your plans. #WealthSetsYouFree