Sponsored by Indo Farms

While God takes the ultimate credit for creating and nurturing life, there are some forms of life whose importance is at par, if not greater, than his. We thank our mothers for their bottomless love and our fathers for their quiet, rooted strength. The farmer, though, is one who seldom crosses our minds except when making headlines in newspapers. For every bite of food on our dinner table, every pack of sweets brimming with love, every cherished morsel of ‘maa ke haath ka khana’, a farmer spends months scorching in the sun, praying to the Gods and working tirelessly to put food on the tables of millions of families. 

This video by Indo Farm Tractors is thus a tribute to all the farmers who, quietly and selflessly, toil away in fields for people they’ve never known. In simple words, the video puts into perspective how none of us would be here if it wasn’t for farmers. It’s time they get their long due appreciation and our heartfelt thanks. #ThankYouKisan