In association with Hotel Shanghigh

Ever wondered what it must’ve been like to go out for beautiful, elegant dinners back in the day?  We’ve heard stories from our grandparents from time to time. But still, don’t you think experiencing it first hand would be absulutely supreme?

So when we heard about Hotel Shanghigh, the newly opened retro-Chinese themed restaurant in Mumbai, we knew we had to go check it out! And guess what, it was the best dinner we’ve had evaa!

And when we say retro — we mean 30s aesthetic design meeting the glamour of old school Chinese theaters (imagine an Oriental Great Gatsby!)

The entrance is adorned with 37,000 red roses and walking through it literally made us feel like royals. The decor of the restaurant is inspired by Shanghai’s Supper Club, which was inaugurated in 1930. Look around for long enough and you’ll forget you’re still in India. 

The walls feature beautiful hues of red, maroon, pink and gold which have hand painted Chinese motifs. The ceiling has 120 lanterns in different colours, materials and sizes, complete with colour-changing lights which are controlled by the music! 

The focus of attraction was the 20 feet long, two-faced dragon right above the bar area. So when we did a bottoms-up, it was a view to behold up there.

Hotel Shanghigh also has a very unique bar menu. Despite the restaurant being new, it has already become famous for its limited-edition cocktail menu with a rotation six signature drinks that change every month. Not to forget their amazing Jager menu of 50 shots and cocktails! SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! 

Coming to the food menu, it’s nothing like the Chinese food we’ve had before. The menu is huge and each dish is better than the next. For someone who loves Chinese food more than anything else in this whole wide world, Hotel Shanghigh gave major anxiety trying to decide which dish to go for. 

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Hotel Shanghigh had another surprise in store for us. If you love some entertainment to go along with your food, you can also enjoy high energy performances by international artists here. There’s a stage and a runway making its way into the dining area of the restaurant. So while we sat there enjoying our meal, we also got a taste of the old-world Chinese culture through performances by some of world’s top performers. 

Hotel Shanghigh is not just a restaurant, but a world on its own. Watch this video to know how much we loved the wholesome experience of dining at Hotel Shanghigh.  

So even if you don’t have the budget to fly to Shanghai on a holiday, you can still visit the city. Because, this place is definitely the bee’s knees!