On August 15, 2019, we’re celebrating 73 years of independence. And agreeably, we have achieved a lot in these 73 years. And many others that we had thought we would have but miserably failed to achieve. This generation wants jobs, wants the freedom to dream and pursue those dreams, they want to achieve absolute freedom of speech and they want to use it without any fears. We have grown as a civilisation and we have evolved as citizens. We are more aware of our rights now than we were 73 years ago. Our freedom fighters sought freedom from the rule of the British empire. 73 years down the line, freedom covers a lot more aspects of life than it did.

We tried to list out a number of things that would mean true freedom to us but are being kept from us. 

And these are merely a few of the rights we need to have. Many of these rights have been kept away from us despite the Constitution allowing us to use them without fear. And until we achieve every freedom that humanity allows us, we are all slaves to the false sense of the pride, we celebrate our Independence Day with. 

Designs by Vineet Kumar