If you are a fan of Gobi Manchurian, this article will most definitely offend you. 

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And you will be okay with it because a lot of people like me also get offended when we have to eat it.

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And stop saying it ain't that bad. 3.6 Rontgen wasn't that bad. 

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Why is there a Gobi Manchurian anyway? Whose idea was it? I mean, it tastes the exact same as the gravy of a chicken Manchurian, except with no chicken in it. 

The Russians use it as lunch in their Gulags to torture prisoners. 

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No, don't Google that. For God's sake, they are Russians, not monsters!

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Hey, don't get me wrong. I actually like gobi.

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But if you are cooking Gobi, it should look like this

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Or even this. We would eat the hell out of this Aaloo Gobi.

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I would rather torture myself watching MS Dhoni's run out in the semi-final than eat Gobi Manchurian. 

If you are eating in from a little stall on the side of the road, it's crap served in a cheap plastic plate. If you are eating at a fancy restaurant, it's still crap served on a fancy looking plate and then you have to pay service tax!

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Gobi Manchurian is a fish out of water. 

Actually, scratch that. A fish out of water, if cooked properly tastes good. 

Ain't nobody want to that! I mean, you wouldn't like chicken in your rajma, right? Yeah, I don't want Gobi in my fucking Manchurian, man!

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Get a hint. Stop making that shit.