Ladies night, they said. It would be fun, they said. 

But, there’s a lot that they didn’t say about that genius little ploy they call a ‘Ladies Night’. 

1. It was never really meant for the ladies to begin with… 

Ladies nights have become the rage and a routine weekly feature in almost every lady’s life. But, it’s also when the men come out to pay and play. 

Have you ever wondered why there’s not ‘Men’s nights’ that offers free drinks to men who come by? 

Because the bars and clubs would indeed run into a loss with the amount of men claiming free drinks and no women to watch and wait and spurge in the bargain. 

2. It’s one of the best and longest standing marketing gimmicks by cafes and pubs to attract the real buyer – MEN. 

The idea is utterly genius: Ladies nights are mainly to attract women who come in for the free drinks while the men come in to see the women, hoping they could land a date, or a one night stand with someone. 

This ensures that the men keep coming in and spending money while trying to woo the ladies. Cafes and bars are known to make the most sales in drinks on ladies nights, which should be ironic since they give away alcohol to women for free. But, it’s the men who buy. 

3. Did you know that the idea of ladies nights stemmed from the exclusive Harvard-esque clubs that allow members only, but allow free entry to women, along with free drinks? 

So, the men spend the real money while they stand around and prey on the women who enjoy their free drinks. 

Fun Fact: Some years ago – around 2014 – Raasta in Hauz Khas Village started ‘Men’s Nights’ for the men to come by and enjoy free beers; just like a ladies night. And, guess what? It didn’t work. 

4. The free drinks available are almost always hard-hitting cocktails. 

They’re pretty looking cocktails in bright pinks, yellows and blues. And they’re all vodka based so that they kick in quicker. Vodka-based cocktails, that are loaded with sugary syrups hit you hard and fast, by the way. 

5. The alcohol used is always low quality so that it hits you hard. 

Most cafes and pubs use cheap quality alcohol and vodkas that almost always guarantee you getting drunker than a skunk. 

6. None of the drinks made during ladies night goes to waste. 

If at all, someone doesn’t want the next cocktail that has already been made, the bartenders, cleverly pass it on to the next lady who comes up for her free drink. 

7. The alcohol concentration in the cocktails is always higher than usual from the start so that the ladies get light-headed sooner. 

8. The short time frame for ladies night ensures that you drink as much free alcohol as possible during that time. 

Which aids in a drunken bet anyway. 

And when you’re drunk enough to feel happy and good about everyone and everything, you either buy the more expensive alcohols on the menu, or let the now-cute-looking guy (who’s been standing at the bar for a long time) buy you that drink. 

So, the next time some guy tells you you’re lucky because of ladies’ nights, or you decide to drop by for some free drinks at a friendly club near you, you know better.