It’s that time of the year again, when skin starts getting drier and the mind keeps giving a reminder – exams are here – no matter how old one is.

Winter is going, and so is the comfort it brings.


Unlike the start of winter, which is romantic and pleasant, the end is windy, dusty and stressy (sorry had to make that rhyme).

The days have started getting longer and the 18-year-long exam trauma is making a cameo every day for a few hours.

Basically, I spend every waking hour thinking lotion lagao – you are not in school anymore – lotion lagao – you are not in school anymore – lotion lagao – you are not in school anymore. 

There is another thing, though. Maybe we feel the overbearing sadness of exams because as working professionals, we associate this time with approaching appraisals. 

This is the time when you are constantly torn between trying harder and just giving up. Like, ghanta farak padta hai kisi ko yaar.

It’s true, no one cares about anything, except that one person who has started feeling like it’s May already.

They switch on the AC, which feels nice exactly for 2 minutes. 


Then you ask them to switch it off and they obviously don’t. And so, a fight happens.

Thandi lag rahi hai, band kar do AC.

Garmi lag rahi hai, nahin karunga.

Garmi nahin hai.

Thandi kahan hai?

Baap pe matt jaana.

I kicked it by mistake.

Bigg Boss mujhe iss ghar se baahar nikalna hai.

This is the time when you don’t want to step out but you don’t want to stay in either. Because hot chocolate in bed makes you too warm and going outside means pehnoge kya bhai?

These months also carry a sense of nostalgia with them, because this was when your school ended and you haven’t seen some of your classmates since then. 

These include past crushes, good friends, every one.

Naukri Nama

So basically, I am kinda enjoying this weather but I kinda want it to end as well. But that means deadly Delhi summer and minimal raise at work. I don’t know what to feel, Imma sleep.