Imagine a swimming pool, with warm and calm salt-water that runs 663 ft deep, with seahorses, snappers, turtles and colorful tropical fishes inhabiting it and soothing eccentric rays making it full of light and life. Sounds magical, isn’t it? That’s Dean’s Blue Hole for you. Named after the family name of local landowners, Dean’s is nothing short of magic.

Blue Hole is a term for a large marine cavern or water filled sinkhole with entrance below the sea level. Reasons for creation of these beautiful wonders of nature are various, but these sure are the closest thing to nirvana, especially for thalassophiles.

While most other known blue holes only reach maximum depths of 360 feet, Dean’s blue hole, being 663 ft deep, is the deepest known blue hole and the second largest underwater chamber.


Words can’t describe the beauty that Dean’s Blue Hole beholds. Located near Clarence Town, Bahamas, it is the most unique and wonderful attraction in Long Island.


It is covered by a turquoise lagoon and powder white beach from one side and natural rock amphitheater from the other.


Although it’s a really safe place to dive, but non-swimmers are advised to stay away because the drop off from the beach into Deans is really sudden. Imagine a sink drain, now that is what it feels like to dive Deans- Eerie, isn’t it?


Visibility in Deans reaches up to 15-30 m deep because of the exceptionally calm and lucid sea water and thanks to its enclosed nature, there is no wind and no big waves, making it an ideal place even for beginner swimmers.


Formation of Deans is still under debate, but most geologists believe that it is formed due to dissolution of limestone and rainwater soaking through it onto the water-table.

Deans is roughly circular at the surface with a diameter ranging from 82-115 feet. At about 75 feet below the surface, the shaft begins to widen into a cavern with a diameter of 330 feet.


Here are some more pictures of this beauty-


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