Why should humans have all the fun? For the highbrowed pooches, who are bored with leisurely walks in the park and are looking for some out-of-the-box fun, this interactive art exhibition sets the perfect tone for a doggy’s day out. If you think art is only meant for intellectual human beings, think again. 

A popular London based experiential artist, Dominic Wilcox, recently curated the World’s first contemporary interactive art exhibition.

An avid dog lover himself, Dominic created different installations and exhibits based on activities that dogs love. 

The exhibits were all set low on the gallery for the dogs to enjoy their art. 

Picture this giant ball pit, with balls looking like large dried dog food. Slurp Slurp!!

or this virtual frisbee installation..

Or this open car-window simulator with a giant fan that wafted scents of smelly shoes and raw meat through the air. 


This puppy paradise was created with an intent to let dogs and owners spend more time, playing together.

In an exclusive chat with ScoopWhoop, Dominic says,

“I’ve always thought it was unfair that people had so many art exhibitions to visit but dogs had nothing. I think art can be exciting and thought provoking for humans but dogs can also experience these things. They are just interested in other areas of life to us.”

We sure want more of these not only in London but here in India as well. Dominic says,

“If art galleries, museums or big outdoor spaces are interested in me creating another art exhibition for dogs then great. But it would have to be even bigger and with even more ideas.”

We agree! 

Watch these furry little angels enjoy their art here: 

All the images have been sourced from Dominic Wilcox Studio