Trigger warning: Distressing references of violent acts and/or sexual assault.

Disclaimer: The article doesn’t support romanticisation of serial killers. The idea is to get an insight into the mind of the wicked.

Our world has seen serial killers who shook the conscience of people by the virtue of horrific crimes and the way that they were committed-

1. Ted Bundy

Bundy, the most notorious serial killer is infamous for more than 30 sex killings. He was active around the period of 1974-1978, when technological advancement was still in its infancy.

He used that and his knowledge of law enforcement to his advantage. He disposed of the bodies of his victims over distant geographical areas. 


Ted Bundy’s MO evolved and got more organised over time. Early on, it comprised of late-night forcible entry then he attacked the victim with a blunt object. Some of the victims were sexually assaulted. Over time, this merciless killer started deploying multiple ruses to lure his victims to his vehicle where he would hit them with a weapon, usually a crowbar.

Problematically known as a ‘charming serial killer’, Bundy would ask women to assist him with carrying something to his vehicle. If this didn’t work, he would play a cop or firefighter to lure his victim.

2. Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer or as he was called, the ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’, killed and sexually assaulted men he would pick up from gay bars. He would lure his victims with the promise of money or sex, photographed them, and drugged their drinks. In his interview, he confessed that he would sometimes feel guilty for killing these people. His motivation was to find the perfect partner in a ‘zombie sex slave’.

He drilled holes in their brains and injected them with hydrochloric acid. But his experiments always failed. In order to get rid of the bodies, sometimes he would eat the carcass or dissolved it in acid. Some of the body parts he refrigerated or preserved as keepsakes to get the feeling that the victim is still ‘a part of him’.


3. Edmund Kemper

6 foot 9 inches tall, this serial killer killed 10 people including his own mother and grandparents. Posing as a police officer, he would pick up women hitchhikers. Known as the ‘Co-Ed killer’, he killed college-going women and then took them back to his place where he would dismember and violate them.

4. Albert DeSalvo

Dubbed as the ‘Boston Strangler’, Albert assaulted and strangled 13 women to death during the 1960s. He would use victims’ stockings or underwear to strangle them. After he was done, he would tie the underwear into a bow around his victim’s neck and take some of their belongings with him.

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5. Ed Gein

The ‘Butcher of Plainfield’ exhumed corpses of women from local graveyards. He skinned them and used it to create upholstery for his furniture and took some of the body parts to use as decorations. His perversion also led to him having sex with the dead and performing taxidermy on them. Taxidermy is preserving a body via stuffing or mounting.

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6. Richard Trenton

Richard was known as the ‘Vampire of Sacramento’, as he drank his victims’ blood and later ate their remains. He would enter in unlocked doors as he thought of them as a ‘sign’ that he was welcome inside, but wouldn’t enter a locked one. He also sexually assaulted his second victim and stabbed her with a butcher knife.

7. Dennis Rader

Known as the ‘BTK Strangler’, Dennis would blind, torture and then kill his victims. After brutally blinding them, this atrocious killer would tell women that he was about to sexually assault them, only to terrorise them. 

Dennis would leave behind letters so that he could be accredited with the killing.

8. Robert Hansen

Hansen, the ‘Butcher Baker’, abducted, raped and killed at least 17 women. He picked up sex workers, sexually assaulted them, and then let them go in order to hunt them like animals with a Ruger Mini-14 and a knife. 


9. Andrei Chikatilo

The ‘Red Ripper’ would pick up his victims from train stations or bus stops. He confessed to 56 killings. In his initial phase, he was attracted to eyes as he would lacerate the sockets or remove the eyes completely. He also started removing their tongues and in some instances, he also ate the genitals of his victims.

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10. Alexander Pichushkin

Alexander was known as the ‘Chessboard Killer’ as he aimed to kill exactly 64 people to fill all the squares on a chess board. He mainly picked up elderly alcoholic men and smashed their skills with a hammer from behind.

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Truly disturbing and revolting.