One of the most important senses is the sense of smell. Just by a certain smell, our mind can evoke numerous emotions, experiences and memories from the past. Sometimes this sense works even when there is no smell, like while looking at a picture.  

Let’s see how many of these images you can actually smell just by looking at them:  

01. Vicks Vaporub  

Source: Amazon

02. Fevicol  

Source: Itsy Bitsy

03. Plasticine Clay 

Source: Cork Art Suplies

04. Ink Pot 

Source: E Bay

05. These Erasers 

Source: Quora

06. New School Books 

Source: Snapdeal

07. Boomer Chewing Gum 

Source: Reddit

08. Coffee Bite

Source: India Mart

09. Kismi Bar 

Source: Twitter

10. Rasna  

Source: Pinterest

11. Mortein Coil  

Source: Camera On Web

12. Dettol  

Source: My Snacks

13. Boroline  

Source: Amazon

14. Clinic Plus  

Source: Bestty

15. Parachute Oil  

Source: FMCG Hub

16. Petrol  

Source: Manorama Online

17. Boro Plus  

Source: Nykaa

18. Johnson's Baby Cream   

Source: Fewabazar

19. The Chlorine in Swimming Pool

Source: Play O

20. Crayons

Source: Amazon

21. Crazy Balls

Source: Quora

22. Nycil

Source: Just Dial

23. Freshly Sharpened Natraj Pencil

Source: India Mart

24. Koosh Ball

25. New CD Cover

Source: Free Creatives

26. This toy gun

Source: Pinterest

27. The smell of its plastic cover

28. That phenyl which looked like milk and every hospital had that smell

Source: Basket Pay

29. Freshly roasted moongfali

Source: Food Network

30. White Shoes Polish

Source: Nice PNG

31. Permanent marker

Source: India Mart

32. Milo

Source: Food Navigator

33. This bindi that was in the vanity box of every Indian Maa

Source: Amazon

34. Cricket Rubber Ball

Source: Kreedon

35. Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish

Source: Centrum

36. Liril

Source: Minute Bag

37. Keo Karpin

Source: Khan Pakan

38. Vicco Turmeric

Source: Blogspot