We love our biscuits, don’t we? So, I’m sure those plain biscuits coated with sugar on them is something we all truly relish. 

And how weird is it that most of them are called ‘Nice’ biscuits, right? Well, why am I particularly interested in those baked sugar-coated goodies is because there has been a huge debate. 


A debate about how you pronounce these traditional ‘Nice’ biscuits? Now, these ‘Nice’ biscuits have a lot of desi alternatives, but they originally came from Australia.  

In fact, these are available in some really ‘niche’ bakeries. Geddit? Geddit? 


So, anyway coming back to the point. A Twitter user asked the brand to settle the debate once and for all and let everyone know how to pronounce these goodies. Well turns out our whole life has been a lie! 

The whole world has been pronouncing it wrong. This is how you pronounce it… drumroll…  ‘Niece’ or ‘Neece’.


After this not so ‘nice’ revelation, Twitter had a lot of comments (and puns)

We’ve got some not so ‘nice’ feelings about this, but we’re going to keep it to ourselves.