In our busy lives, we often forget to look back and thank the people who made us who we are today. Stand up comic and poet, Zakir Khan’s heartfelt video on the occasion of father’s day will remind you to stop for a minute and call your dads or give them a huge hug for all the things they’ve done for you. 

The video is a tribute to all the selfless dads who’ve prioritised their family’s wants over their own needs. Honestly, a few minutes into the video, I realised that most of these things are exactly what I want to say to my father but somehow have never gathered the courage to.

Zakir Khan perfectly explains how a father-offspring relationship often gains a better understanding with time. As a child you might not understand why your dad is not around or why is he always so tired to spend time with you.

But as you step into adulthood and come across the hardships of life, you have a different kind of respect for your parents. 

Guilt-struck, you then start realising that somewhere between the race of providing for the family and fulfilling your dreams, your dad’s main goal in life just becomes to see you happy and give you the best of everything. 

They never complain or say a word but you start acknowledging and recognising all the things they’ve done for you and the unspoken sacrifices they’ve made. All of a sudden everything seems to be enough. 

Zakir Khan goes on to point out how our dads forget to express how they feel. They don’t ever talk about their hardships or achievements or discuss their likes and dislikes. 

For all his life Zakir had known him as his father but he wants to know what his father was like when he was his age. He’s curious to know about his father’s experiences learnings and teachings. 

So, in a heartfelt appeal, he urges people to take out a few hours today and bond with their fathers over their experiences. He also requests all the fathers to befriend their children and share everything with them. 

Watch the entire heartwarming video here: