Feb 11, 2017 at 18:48

This Delhi Guy Is Making A Business Out Of Letting People Send Messages On A Potato

by Neeti Chopra

Potatoes have the satisfaction of being universally loved. It makes for great food and now it has become the poetic messenger for many to send messages to their loved ones. 

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Piyush Goal, an entrepreneur from Delhi has hit upon a novel way for people to send their thoughts across the country to friends and family. You've tried pigeons, postcards, letters, mails, texts but you haven't tried potatoes with messages on them. 

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Piyush's venture, SurprisePotato allows people to send messages on a potato to anyone in India for Rs. 129. Quirky, funny, heartfelt you name it. 

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As he tells Buzzfeed, he hit upon the idea one day while talking to somebody on the phone. He had to note down a number and he saw a potato on a shelf. He wrote the number with a marker on the vegetable. When he had to pass the number to someone, he just chucked the potato.

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They use big potatoes to write your message on. You could send them a personalised message of not more than 130 characters long and even your photo, in case you wanna add your face or their face. 

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In the business, they get some pretty funny messages to put on the potato. Goyal tells Buzzfeed, “The weirdest we got definitely has to be, ‘Kiss me hard and peel me with your bare hands’ and another funny one was, ‘I will mash this potato into you, if you don’t return my calls'."

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He echoes my thoughts on a potato's sense of humor when he says, 

"There’s something awkwardly hysterical about a potato that you just can’t explain. It’s so random and abrupt in its shape that internet loves it and so do we."
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You can send your messages at the website and let a potato put a smile on someone's face.

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