Coming from the word 'human', 'humanity' is supposed to signify feelings of empathy and kindness.

But every now and then, I wonder what the word even means, at this point.

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As per a News 18 report, a man from Delhi was driving a car when he spotted a puppy sleeping on the road. 

He slowed down a bit, and then ran his car over the poor animal, giving it a slow and painful death.

Source: SF Weekly

This was captured on the CCTV camera installed in the house of a woman, living in the same neighbourhood.

She filed a complaint with the police, and based on that, the man was arrested but later released on bail.

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Even though my primary job here is to report this incident, I can't help but ask certain questions- 

What kind of person, under what circumstance and state of mind, would run over a harmless puppy sleeping on the road?

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Why do we not have stricter laws for animal killing and torturing? Do their lives matter less than ours?

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If yes, why? Because they can't speak? Should someone's life matter less because they can't speak?

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I hope to get answers to these questions. 

But before that, it's time we fucking leave the animals alone.