A recent pre-poll survey conducted by ABP News – Nielsen has revealed that BJP’s wild card, Kiran Bedi, might have been the best thing to happen to the Aam Aadmi Party and mango man, Arvind Kejriwal. 51% of those polled intend on voting for AAP, garnering an additional 4% support since the previous survey. On the flip side, the BJP seems to have lost their edge, as their numbers fell to 41% of those surveyed.

What went wrong, then? We were puzzled by these numbers too, until we stumbled upon this video created by Teen Pathar and things started making sense again. A compilation of the most illogical, most astounding, most WTF things Kiran Bedi has said so far, this video is irrefutable proof that the BJP CM candidate has done more harm than good to the party.

And Kejri is truly grateful.

We spoke to Siddharth from Teen Pathar who perfectly summed up one’s feelings after watching this video.

“Kiran Bedi thought that she would give competition to Kejriwal, but ended up giving competition to Alia Bhatt instead!”

No offence to either, of course.