The Delhi Elections 2015 are a lost cause for the Congress. Swept away by the AAP’s jhadu and washed away by the Modi wave, the country has forgotten about the Congress’ meekly raised hand. And rightly so, perhaps. They just haven’t been good enough.

So, with nothing for the Congress to do other than seriously introspect and begin the upward climb to rebuild, Priyanka Gandhi’s comments are definitely a step in the right direction.

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At a meeting of Congress leaders in Rae Bareli on January 16 and reported by India Today , Priyanka identified a strong disconnect with the voters as the main reason for the Congress’ downfall.

“We don’t try to know what people expect from us. What can we do if we don’t understand their needs? Now is the time for us to mix with the masses and struggle for them. Let me know if there is any shortcoming in me. Let the party realise if it is lacking somewhere.”

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Gandhi, who has steered clear of active politics so far, made logical, discerning observations about the Party’s way forward.

“We are not in power. So we can utilise our time in getting closer to the people. For this, we also need to tell them about the weaknesses of the Narendra Modi government. Make it an issue of debate in your respective areas,” she urged party activists at the Bhuemau Guest House.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Priyanka spoke vehemently against the new ordinance of the Centre that has taken away the provision of acquiring a farmer’s land only after his express consent under the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Settlement Act, enacted by the once-upon-a-time UPA government.

“It is not in favour of the peasants. The government may acquire land of farmers without their consent. I am gearing up to struggle for them on this issue. But I also want you to do it on a larger scale.”

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Following her address, you can now also expect a heightened use of social media by the Congress. Gandhi acknowledged that it is, in today’s day and age, a powerful campaigning tool.

“Use the social media extensively to tell the people about the benefits of Right to Education, Right to Information and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Explain to them through social media why these programmes were strengthening the democratic process in the country. But social media should also be used to tell the people why the schemes like Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana is like any other bank account.”

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Lastly, Priyanka pledged her support to fighting harassment by gundas and the police, alike. She has asked women party leaders to play a more active role in curbing the harassment of the ordinary citizen.

“She asked us to protest in front of police stations in such cases. When we told her that the police was insensitive about people’s problems, she said she would personally reach the spot to participate in the protest if the cops didn’t listen to us,” said Shailja Singh, a block level Congress leader.

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In light of her speech, do you think Priyanka Gandhi Vadra might be on the right path? Can Congress ever return?

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