Home has always been just a place for most of us. A tangible structure built by stacking bricks and mortar. But there is a certain sense of warmth about this home. However, as we grow up and move away from home, trying to make it on our own in the big bad world, we realize that this concept of home does not have much to do with the place, but more with the people we share it with. 

Home can be anything in the world. It can be the shared comfort of a warm blanket with your loved one, a cup of coffee with a friend, or a Sunday morning tussle for the newspaper with your furry friend. Much more than the cement and bricks to a building, it’s the emotions that we attach to this ‘home’ that keep us going. 

These 15 hand-picked quotes about home will make you cherish all that you hold dear, and remind you of all the special ones that you call ‘home’.

So, who’s your home?

Cheers toAkanksha Pushp and Kanupriya Kulshreshthafor the lovely designs.