For women, piercings are just about an incision on your body, but a whole lot more. In fact, in India, nose piercing for women is associated with her reproductive system. Not many know this but, as per Ayurveda, a woman’s nose has a connect with her reproductive organs and therefore, women are encouraged to pierce their nose so as to lessen period pain and ease childbirth. 

But of course, not everybody dons a piercing for the same reason. A lot of women get it done simply to look good. Some even do it to embellish a certain body part with jewellery. 

Whatever be your reason, there’s no denying its popularity among women. And if somehow you’re still pondering over the kind of piercing you’d like, we’ve got ample inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. 

Here are some super cool piercing ideas from around the world. And each one is worth your time!

2. Add some sparkle to your collar bones.

3. Because rings are way too passé !

4. When you don’t give a flying f***!