Nobody is afraid to die. We just don’t wanna be there when it inevitably comes, right?

Though, for humans, immortality is a fate which is worse than death, or at least that’s what all mortal people say. Thankfully, we still haven’t reached that point yet. Death is inevitable and let’s keep it real, Valar Morghulis!

And, because death is coming, you’d better leave a mark on this world before it strikes. Don’t you worry, we are not asking you to tear down those castles just yet. Let people remember you and smile, even after you are gone. And well, a cool looking gravestone is going to do just that! 

In order to deal with death in style, check out these awesome gravestones that will make you want to order one, right now!

1. There is no wrong time to play Pac-man!

2.  Hello Kitty will watch over your immortal soul! Fun, no?

3. Rolling under the stones?

4. BFF’s!


5. Spongegrave Squareblocks!

6. The earth and I are one!


7.  Don’t take him too seriously!


8. Because everybody dances with the grim reaper. 


9. Subtle warning that this wizard’s gonna roam!

10. I see what’s going on up there!

11. Riding to the afterlife in style!

12. Road trip to heaven? We’re up for it!

13. Remember my job!

14. People do really love their cars, huh?

15. He must have clipped it!

 16. Once a geek, always a geek!

 17. Crossword puzzles for the dead!

18. Nobody touches my ride when I am gone!

19. Call me when you feel like!

 20. That parking meter must have run out ages ago!

 21. Inside | Outside

22. A true scrabble lover!

23. He sure didn’t escape the Jaws of death!

24. Resting in peace, like literally! 

25. To boldly go where all men have gone before!

26. Beam me up, Scotty!

27. Bury me, you must!

28. Transformer Trek?

29. Im’ma take my music collection with me, dawg!

 30. Ahhh, the loving couple. Sigh!


Be awesome, even beyond life!

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