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I was 10 when I received a love note from a fellow classmate. For days, I kept that note in the back of my pocket. 13 years and a zillion sliding-into-your-DMs later, that one love note still remains very, very special to my heart. 

Call me little old fashioned but I think it’s pretty amazing when someone writes you a love note and all those thoughts that boggle ones mind after receiving one – “what exactly were they feeling while writing the note?” “Did they write it in a hurry?” “Did they write it with care?”

I can’t help but feel nostalgic for hand-written love notes. If you too, just like me have a soft corner for romantic love notes and want to profess your love to someone special, you can share your love notes here. And to inspire you all on the art of writing love filled notes, here’s an intimate look at the romantic words exchanged between these iconic couples that will surely make you want to write one for your significant other.

1. From Kaifi Azmi to Shaukat Kaifi

2. From Winston Churchill to Clementine Churchill

3. From Johnny Cash To His Wife June

 4. From Marilyn Monroe to Joe DiMaggio

5. From Jimi Hendrix to a girlfriend he called ‘Little Girl’

6. Genelia Deshmukh to Riteish Deshmukh

Kudos to PGI for bringing back the tradition of romantic love notes on this Love Note Day ’cause there’s nothing more passionate than penning a personal message to a lover. They’re celebrating the expression of love through love notes in our day to day life. Sometimes spoken words aren’t enough to express what we feel, sometimes we keep waiting for that right opportunity and sometimes we miss out on that one special opportunity; here’s when we can use the power of words and #SayItWithALoveNote. Make sure you share your love notes here.