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Yo! All good? 

Staring at the same wall, are we? 

Speaking of walls, when was the last time you redecorated your home? I know we’re busy, lazy and kinda broke. But it’s World Interiors Day and this year, the theme is pride of the past, an incentive for the future, that is, to incorporate modernism and move forward while embracing one’s past cultures and roots. (I am sold!)  

So, without wasting any time, let’s hop onto 6 interior decor tips and give a fabulous #vibecheck to our homes on a budget.

1. Plan out a theme and try sticking to it. 

The first step towards a stylised and enhanced interior plan is choosing a theme that aligns with your personality and quirks. You can go for major themes or aesthetics such as rustic, royal, vintage, minimalist, etc. In simpler words, make a note of what looks and feels good to your eyes and draw out a mood-board for the same. Look up images and similar mood-boards on google or pinterest and settle with a finalised look. Once that is in place, you can simply refer to it and start with your makeover based on the short-listed colours, looks and connected themes. Try keeping it simple and make sure everything agrees with one another and you’re all set! 

2. Spice up the walls with patterns and textures. 

The most important part of the process is how you decide to paint the walls of your sweet abode. Adding textures and patterns to your walls will not only give your home an ultimate personality but also reflect your thoughts, choices and persona. And so, this step will require quite a bit of effort, research and consideration. Choosing the proper textures and patterns for your walls might seem like a taxing job but it will determine the long-term persona and look of your home. 
And to make this job easier, I suggest, The Asian Paints Royale Play Taana Baana Collection! 
This collection is out to mesmerise customers with well thought-out colours, patterns and textures that fit right into our themes, dreams and lives! 
It is also perfectly in sync with the current theme of World Interiors Day by blending modernity with the cultural past. The patterns, textures and designs in the collection are inspired by and designed to represent age-old handicrafts such as Tussar, Ikkat, Palm weave, Basket, Bandhej, etc, from across the country.  

3. Bring the outdoors indoor. 

Another major thing to keep in mind is the fact that no matter what theme you choose, minimalist or outrageous, you will always need to tone it down and make it feel like a home and not a display corner.

The ultimate hack is to put up tokens of greenery wherever possible to create that effortless homely aura. Just pick out a bunch of plants (creepers, mosses, anything that catches your eye and screams low maintenance, or high maintenance if it suits you) and witness how these little buddies change the aura from artificial to warm and homely. (Doesn’t mean you put a hedge on the sofa, please!) 

4. Lighting is key! 

Home is where the light is… said nobody. But hey, it’s true to the core, I promise. Invest in decorative lighting and focus on lighting up several corners of your home. Lights illuminate the tiny details and add a vibrant and warm effect to your home. Try and illuminate your photo frames, cabinets, mirrors, corners, patios and balconies, etc, with individual decorative lights such as LED strips, mini spots, lamps, solar lanterns, etc. Try to invest in battery or solar powered lights because, well, dad isn’t paying the bills, right? 

5. Update the existing decor with minor modifications. 

This is where you have to channel the inner artist and dive into crafts and DIYs. You can upgrade the decor you own but why discard usable resources when you can just modify and rearrange them to look just as new?! Plan out minor modifications such as changing the covers on your sofas and chairs, getting wooden furniture cleaned, polished or repainted and rearranged, adding frills to the curtains, putting up framed photographs, adding tiny decor pieces to shelves, etc. This will not only save money but also add a personal touch to your home. 

6. Play around with sizes, shapes and patterns. 

This will require some research. Try and pick out patterns and play with shapes and sizes of furniture and decor to bring out an open, lively and relaxing space based on your preferences and available area at home. For example, putting up mirrors can make a space look larger; using longer curtains for windows gives an illusion of openness. Similarly, one can experiment with accent walls, sticky tiles, wallpapers, fake flooring and roofs, etc, to incorporate these shapes and patterns that add perspective, personality and depth.

Last but not the least, is the fact that you will need a lot of determination, effort and all possible creative tools to achieve this beautiful makeover. 
And one major tool, without questions, is Asian Paints’ Royale Play Taana Baana Collection. 
No matter who you are, Asian Paints has some shade, tint, pattern or texture that suits your culture, personality or preferences enough to make your jaw drop in awe. 
And the Royale Play Taana Baana Collection stands as a perfect message of inclusivity and representation that our culture stands for! 

Also, who doesn’t want mesmerising and edgy looking walls that give their homes a perfect blend of culture, style and personality? Just pick out a pattern or texture and choose the colour of your choice for it to be slapped on and let Asian Paints take care of the rest! 

What are you waiting for, living unicorns?! 

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