As glamorous as it sounds, fashion design is not an easy affair. It needs a lot of dedication and creativity to survive in this field. And when we think about fashion schools as portrayed by popular culture, most of us can’t help but refer to reality shows like The Hills, which have glossed over the experience and left out the hard work that’s required. Being from a fashion background I know how students juggle their massive workloads while maintaining their sanity Hence, I decided to list out all the lessons that one learns in a fashion school to help those still trying to make it big in the fashion world or wants to pursue it.

1. Studying in a fashion school is expensive. Better save up!

Everyone is aware of how much that Sabyasachi couture dress on the runway costs. What you might not know is that studying to become the next design guru is equally or even more expensive. You will be spending a lot of money on fabrics, kits and watercolors. What you might think is a normal pencil, costs 500 bucks in the market! Your everyday expenses are going to be fairly high, so you better save up before and throughout joining the college of your dreams.


2. Deadlines might bog you down, but it brings out the best in you.

Contrary to popular belief, fashion design is an extremely demanding course and there are a lot of deadlines. The most important thing you will learn here is “Time Management,” because if you don’t manage to finish your work on time it will double up for the next week and then it’s hard to catch up.

3. You will have to work in order to work.

This is something which is true to a lot of professions, but in the field of fashion, you might have to work – for free – for a couple of years maybe. But don’t let that deter you, take up as many internships as you can, it will take you a long way in your journey to become a successful designer.

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4. Design is not just about instincts and aesthetics.

Unlike what you might have thought, design also involves a lot of research, conceptual thinking and making deliberate choices to create collections that tell stories and convey your point of view. Keep all these things in mind while creating a collection if you want to present a commendable one.

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5. Your coffee budget might exceed your food budget.

Creative inspiration is everywhere, even at your most drowsy or uninspired moments you can find something that sparks creativity. Hence being attentive and observant is very important for your work. Also, with 2 internships, college assignments and attendance issues, you will need a hefty dose of caffeine to get you going.


6.  No matter what happens, don’t change yourself.

You have made it your dream college, you are as good as the popular ones there. Don’t try to be someone you are not. Of course, change for the better, but do not forget your roots. And once you realize that, you will have a hell lot of fun. You will learn a lot about styling, fabrics, colour schemes, while not even realizing that you are gaining so much knowledge.


7. Confidence is the key.

A lot of great ideas go to waste because they are not presented confidently. Even if you have made a minor mistake, don’t let it affect the rest of your work. Be proud of what you accomplished and the lessons it taught you. If you are unsure of your work, everyone else will be too, no matter how great it ultimately is.


8. Always be proactive and don’t miss out on chances.

Every single fashion school has competitions and extracurricular activities lined up. Keep your eyes and ears open because exposure and opportunities are important. Speaking of which, Liva has again come up with Liva Protégé 2016, where budding fashion designers get a chance to be mentored by some of India’s top designers like Shivan & Narresh, Nachiket Bharve and Anuj Sharma. Take this opportunity to learn from the best while you still have time as a student. Know all about it here.

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