If there was one thing we were sure about as kids, it was that we all just wanted to grow up and become adults. Because there were so many things we weren’t allowed to do. We weren’t allowed to stay up late or go out with a friend or even watch certain movies. It just wasn’t a fair deal!  

But now, as fully-grown adults, all we wish is that we could go back to being kids. Back to the magical time when we woke up and miraculously had clean clothes in our wardrobe. When food was served before we could say ‘HUNGRY’. And when our mothers were always there for a doctor’s appointment. 

As much as we love reminiscing about the good ol’, not-a-care-in-the-world days, we have to adult everyday. Sadly, that’s how adult life works. 

But we can make it a little less torturous for you, right? So here you go. We hope these adulting one liners make you feel less lonely.

That’s it. Back to reality. It’s time to adult now. 

Designs by Mir Suhail