Oh, the glorious, grand Indian culture. With a history that’s two-frickin’-thousand years rich, we seem to have made quite an amount of progress. Um, I mean, I do hear people cribbing about how they have to take up science and get into IIT, even though they hate it. I have also heard girls wail away in misery in the wake of the decision their parents have made, that it’s time to marry them off, but that’s okay. I mean I understand their legit concern of kids marrying out of their ‘roots’ if they’re kept ‘waiting’ too long. Hormones! And since they know best, there could be some truth in the myth that creativity cannot pay bills. It’s best to find the job that gives retirement solutions, they had it and they’ve turned out just fine, right? 

But are you always confused about which way to go? Does it seem baffling when you encounter situations where you’re asked to behave a certain way because your ‘culture says so’? Worry not, you lost lamb, here’s the glossary of Indian culture. Let it ‘be a lamp for your feet and light for your path’.

Design credits: Disha Bhanot

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