India has always been known as the land of bright colours and cultural diversity. Whether it is the pink hues of the city of Jaipur, the blue tints of Jodhpur, and the beautiful summer richness of the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, all these things have mesmerised, awed and fascinated us all, travellers and locals alike. 

But apart from all these places and the colourfulness of India, there’s an India which many of us haven’t seen. The India of Black & White, where human emotions, the nature, the place, the crowd are all laid bare in beautiful contrast of black and white to tell a tale that we often miss out in the humdrum of our busy lives. 

Photographer and ad man Prashant Godbole is a maverick when it comes to capturing wonderful moments of everyday life in India. The photographs are filled with raw emotions and hues that will definitely make you ponder. 

Check out these beautiful monotone photographs by the master himself: 

With friends to share the joy with, even the small things seem larger than life. 

A kick in the sky is all you need to break free from the reins that hold you down. 

Eyes that look into your soul, no matter whose it may be, will always stupefy you. 

With arms spread wide, you know you can reach great heights. 

A dog, a horse, and a man. Tells a story, doesn’t it? 

If I fall, I know my trusted ones will be there to catch me. 

A flip in the air, a flip in perspective. 

Scattered people, scattered lives, is this our reality?

A mirror to the grim reality where the powerful oppress the helpless. 

A quiet life, a talk near the deafening sound of the waves. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? 

Tied down to a pole, tied down by responsibilities. 

In the end, we’re all the same- man, animal alike. 

When shadows cast a scary silhouette, everyone quivers. 

Riding in limit is impossible when your dreams have wings. 

When everything’s silent, listen to the flutter of the bird’s as they chirp away to a new place. 

The Goddess shall spare no one except her creator. For him, she’ll cast a gentle shadow. 

When the bird watches over us all, and sees the million possibilities we’re capable of. 

Somewhere, somehow, we all find our mates. 

Because love knows no age, no gender, and no religion. It’s transcendental.  

To check out more amazing work by Prashant, check out his website

Ever seen India so beautifully?