Break ups are bad. Really bad. And if you broke up with your partner because of a rather unpleasant reason, you probably have plotted some really evil plans to get back at them. 

But, I’d say save your anger for something else. Do not let your rage get the better of you. Instead, try other ways to deal with it. Like punch a pillow, light your ex’s photos on fire, or better yet just get colouring! 

This really cool colouring book for adults has almost all the things that you would like to say to your ex. What’s more? It has all these pretty flowers and tendrils to mask your nasty curses as well.

The book titled Have A Nice Life Asshole is the brainchild of some extremely talented and creative people at Creative Collective Design. Thanks to them, the title is enough to fire you up.

By the end of this book, you’ll probably be over your ex and your thirst for revenge satiated. Here are some of the insults from the book: 

Colour this bye with all your anger, and bid adieu to your ex FOREVER!

Or better yet, just say it like it needs to be said?

Put all your favourite colours and just call them for what they really are? I am colouring this shmuck illustration right away. 

And then just let it flow…

A few cactus’s should do the trick? Just imagine all that you can do with it, and let your creativity take over.  

Or just blame it on their unsophisticated taste in music. 

Wish them a life of singlehood, and just be sadistically happy about it. 

Or just take the high road, and boost your self confidence with this beautiful piece of art. 

Just say it like it is. 

Or just say this? This should be enough, I think. 


You can choose to skillfully put these in an envelope and send it to your ex, or better yet pin it up on wall to remind yourself how lucky you are.

Best therapy ever, right?

So get over your ex. You can go ahead and buy this book here