Lily + Biju = Liju

Valsa + Reji = Jival

Mother’s name + Father’s name = Child’s name

This is the equation most Malayalis use to name their offsprings. However, it’s a phenomenon found majorly in Mallu Christians households. Sometimes to keep things interesting, they also add the suffix ‘mol’ for daughters and ‘mon’ for sons, from time to time. And that’s how Mallu Christian kids end up with names like Babymon, Shajimon and Bencymol. You get the drift, right?

As ridiculous as our names might sound, most of us millennial Malayali kids end up keeping the names (except when a boy is named Diljo!), because no matter what, it’s our culture and tradition. 

With absolutely no offense to any Malayali anywhere in the world (Not even in the Gelf), we thought we’ll dig up Urban Dictionary and find out some quirky meanings of the most common Mallu Christian names. So, here you go:

If you’ve read all the above names and tripped on it, please be a parent whose child will not hate them for their names!

Designs by Rohit Jakhu