In the times when we use Tinder to find potential partners in bed rather than life, sex has ceased to be something special or a thing of sanctity. It has been broken down to a bodily need like feeling hungry or thirsty. Premarital sex has become a widely accepted trend now. At least among people in our peer groups, where it is not only considered perfectly fine to have sex before marriage, but is also encouraged at times. 


Needless to say, there are exceptions. There are people who still fervently believe that sex is a beautiful thing to be shared only with the person you marry, the one who will be your partner for life. 

But is it always worth the wait? People who waited to have sex until their wedding shared how they feel about this decision on the Whisper app.

Go ahead and read them. They might give you a new perspective about sex.  

While some might have been lucky, others, not so much. But what matters is that they made their own decisions, and did not just ‘get done with it’ because of peer pressure. Whether you believe in sex before or after marriage is perfectly your call to take!