Everyone who has been around a pet or has owned one knows that all pets have a personality, quite unique and distinctive. While some are grumpy and gangster, some are hangry all the time, some get excited at the slightest and some couldn’t care less. 

Over the years, Chris Beetow has created hundreds of illustrated portraits of pets based on what their owners write about them and we can’t help obsessing over them.

1. Baby Man, lives in Cali but his soul is all Bronx.

2. Crux. He is always causing trouble.

3. Sammi, food obsessed and always dirty.

4. Mr. Puddy, sophisticated and forever hungry.

5. King, the most flamboyant of all cats.

6. Linus, all pro stick fetcher.

7. Tony is Mr. Cool and Torque is always hungry.

8. Polly loves playing in snow.

9. Gunner is a pup who digs and digs and digs.

10. Bellah, the sneaky one.

11. Smithers, trying to change his life and not be such a fradie cat.

12. Winston is always plotting.

13. Oliver, the laziest cat on the planet.

14. Pinky who doesn’t like anybody.

15. Henry, fails at all diets.

16. Cheeto, the most interesting cat in the world.

17. Jack, he is the protector of all.

18. Luka, the mountain werewolf man.

19. Kida was one in a million, utterly bonkers.

20. Cody, the fastest deckhand on the 7 seas.

21. Chance is totally zen.

Well, I am wannabe-Chance. What are you?