As a language that is widely spoken, English has changed and evolved during these past few decades. All our favourite slangs, lingos and made-up words such as ROFL, selfie, tl;dr, mansplaining etc. have found their place in our dictionary. And with this happening, it’s time we made peace with the fact that with changing times, some changes are inevitable. 

However, there are certain words that had entirely different meanings during the early ages. Words that were once unassuming, have turned into insults, thanks to our continued denigrating usage and prejudiced thinking. 

Ironically enough, most of these words are all associated with women. Words that were earlier used to name a person’s profession now reek of patriarchal filth. 

Here are some words that are now used as insults for women: 



Designs by Disha Bhanot 

Can we at least leave alone our language?