Have you ever wondered how inanimate objects feel about things going on around them? What if a tomb is scared of dead people or Internet Explorer has anxiety because of loneliness?

Nacho Diaz brings these thoughts to life with his brilliant illustrations. He shows us what everyday things would behave or talk like, if well, they could.

1. And a floating leaf would do the trick.

 2. Oh! The horror!

3. Do you realize Monday just might be the bullied kid in the group?

4. Rain is just clouds peeing on us!

5. Do you ever think about IE? No, you only think about Chrome!

6. Sometimes it’s all a matter of perspective.

7. I’m ready to take on the world with my right hand, if I have a cup of coffee in the left.

8. Often the best things in life go unappreciated.

9. “I’m just taking out the damaged hair.”

10. It’s like your whole body is on fire.

 11. “My skin burns, I’m not going to the beach ever again.”- said no one ever.

12. Those student loans are gonna kill me.

 13. And you seem to enjoy it.

14. So bloated, I might burst.

15. Oh paper! What did you just do!

16. Apparently, our time here is running out.

17. We all know that smile, don’t we?

18. When Monday decided to stand up to its haters.

19. And then gaining that weight back just as fast.

20. Don’t fall into that trap.

All pictures are from his Instagram. You can follow him on Facebook too.