Advertisements have but one rule, the more creative they are, the better they work. While we’ve seen some crazy and creative ads of famous products, there is always scope to make things better. 

And that is exactly what the good folks of thefakeadco do. They’ve been creating fake ads for original products, that at times have turned out to be funnier than the original! 

1. When you can filter out the filters! 

2. The ‘policy’ that actually matters. 

3. After all, sharing is caring. 

4. Always there for us, in sickness and in health! 

5. The motivation we all need. 

6. Coming fast is not always a good thing!

7. Because we’ve all done this ‘silly’ mistake. 

8. Taking it quite literally! 

9. Every place counts. 

10. Because winter is finally here! 

11. Second hand but still an original! 

12. Har marz ki dava

13. The story of every household.

14. The unexpected miracle of life. 

15. Relief for the hard times 

Which one is your favorite?