Some assholes are smart, but he’s as dim as a flickering tubelight. He lies his ass off whenever he wants to and says all sorts of crap that make no sense, backed by facts that aren’t true. But to make matters worse, there are people who believe in him. People who actually endorse his stupid schemes and lies. Now, I’m not saying that he will be elected. But Americans have been wrong on certain occasions. Like the time they elected George W Bush, twice!

Let’s face it, this guy is an asshole. A sexist, racist, misogynist, narcissist… the list is endless…


Quite frankly, the one he’s holding would’ve done a better job. And given the recent news, if you think that Trump is a dimwit of epic proportions, you really need to check out the stuff this man said during his tenure. It was like a mixture of stupidity, pre-school grammar fails and unawareness.

Have a look:

1. We think he’s stupid, so does he.

2. And perhaps a grammar book?

3. Oh man, what a fool!

4. Yup, that’s how we all get by.

5. Those bastards!

6. The following two were made within a span of 1 year.


8. That would need a lot of telling.

9. Clearly his parents did not believe in that.

10. That must have been one complicated mission. 

11. Because for every word, there is an opposite word with the prefix – ‘un’.

12. So courageous of NATO.

13. I believe you, man.

14. Yes, it is trues.

15. You and your grammar.

16. Redbull, are you listening?

17. That sounds wrong. So wrong.

18. Yup, the country of Africa would like to thank you Mr Bush.

19. He has a point.

20. Is they?

21. That’s the kind of hidden talent that won him the presidency.

22. USA! USA! USA!

23. More like abandoned logic to be logical.

24. No bro, what do you think food fights are for?

25. What?

26. Awww! Let their be more hold hands.

27. Yes on land & in water.

28. ‘Holy’ SHIT!

29. That’s a great mantra.

30. No man, no one ever can figure what really happened there while you held it.

As funny as these were. You can’t help but feel scared as well. If they elected this guy, what if they elect the current Republican candidate who can actually lead humanity to ‘death by stupidity’? Well, god bless America!

Design credit: Palki Sharma