While we were all busy surfing through memes on social media, a 20-year-old went ahead and made her Insta feed a resume!


Kids these days, making innovative use of their valuable time. *grunts*

Ankita Chawla, an Instagram influencer, with 17.5K followers has raised the bar for applying for jobs.


She made an Instagram-resume to flaunt her skillset to potential employers. And got hired as a content creator at Deloitte India. Talking about this creative approach she said,

I remember we had gotten back from our internships and most of my friends were talking about the places that they were going to join, because they had gotten pre-placement offers. And I remember sitting there feeling terrible because I was jobless…  In one of these boring lectures, I was scrolling through my feed. That’s when I realised, if I need to get the attention of my employers, I need to do something differently.

The ideating part of the resume took about 5 hours, while executing and illustrating it all took about 60 hours.

Time to update my CV with some colour at least. Ugh, does this mean I have to remove ‘Came first in a diya-decorating competition in class II’ from my resume? Maaaan.