Every country has its share of Gods and Goddesses. While all of them are revered and worshipped, there’s a different kind of hypocrisy when it comes to worshiping Goddesses. Because honestly, what the hell are we doing? While on one hand, we welcome and worship Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga in our homes, on the other, we see crime against women rising on an hourly basis. 

Priyanka Paul, an 18-year-old artist from Mumbai, is proving that she’s one creative soul. Her stunning illustration series titled, Divine Goddesses, is a brilliant sequence on how she views the goddesses to be in modern times. Here, take a look: 

This is Goddess Kali. According to Priyanka, Tumblr Kali is a badass brown girl who loves graphic T-shirts and piercings. She’s against misogyny and sexism and slays, quite literally. 

Here is Goddess Amaterasu, the Japanese Sun Goddess. She’s a huge fan of J-pop and Sakura icecream. She’s a supporter of the Free The Nipple movement and loves sushi. 

Here is Eve with an apple (What are the odds!?). Though, she’s not technically a goddess, she did carve a space for herself in biblical history. 

Eve’s a born rebel. She’s in medical school and wants to be an orthopedic surgeon. A strong supporter of female empowerment and against wage gaps, she loves apple pie and gardening.

Greek mythology finds space in this kickass series as well. This is Hera, the patron goddess of family, women, childbirth and marriage. New-age-Hera’s on her university’s debate team and can be found on various social platforms arguing on women issues. She also loves sculpting (not just her face). 

And this is the famous Isis, the Egyptian goddess of health and wisdom. New-Age-Isis is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and is a health and fitness freak. But she mostly believes in truly loving your body. She’s against body shaming and all for self-love. 

We certainly like these new-age versions of our Goddesses! 

For more stunning work by Priyanka, you can follow her on Instagram and Postergully