Coffee is a deep concoction that was made to soothe souls and wake up tired minds. It’s the friend in a tall mug keeping us awake through long nights, the beverage we hug when it’s pouring outside, and the one drink that helps us through the day’s drudgery. Coffee is basically all the cure that one needs on a slow day. 

But, the fancy ones that are made professionally in your Starbucks and Barista’s taste so much different than the ones you make at home. Wonder how, right? Well, the next time you go to your fancy coffee place in search of some gourmet coffee, let’s hope you don’t get lost in the long list of coffee names. 

And for that we have for you a personal guide of all those complicated coffee names. So now when someone asks you, “How do you take your coffee?”, you need not stutter.

Here goes:


A simple shot of pure coffee for all those who like it strong and bitter. 


A mix of water and espresso to take it easy for the faint-hearted ones. 


The perfect fix of milk and espresso, and also the most familiar type of coffee out there. 


Lightening the strong taste of espresso, Latte has both froth and steamed milk. Who doesn’t love that fluffy cloud at the brim of their drink, right? 

Double Latte

When you need a punch in your coffee, but not a strong one, you head for the Double Latte. With two shots of espresso, it gets a bit toned down with some frothed milk. 

Irish Coffee

Now, we all know the classic Irish coffee, don’t we? It has power packed Irish whiskey, along with some brown sugar, coffee and cream to top it off!


This one is pure heaven for those who love chocolate and coffee. Mocha gives you the balanced combo of chocolate and coffee. And don’t forget the temporary moustache that comes along with all that yummy cream! 

Filter Coffee 

Decoction is the secret ingredient used in this type. Hot water is strained through freshly ground coffee beans, and then you add some sugar and extra frothy milk. And that’s how you get perfection. 


Taking it a notch higher, imagine adding a cold dollop of ice cream to your super hot and bitter espresso. 

Con Panna

Nothing tastes better than some heavy whipped cream in your espresso, does it? 


The first thing that you taste is the fine, bitter cocoa powder, and then feel free to delve into the flavours of coffee. 

Dry Cappuccino 

Plain and simple, this one is specially for the froth lovers. 

Black Eye 

Need to stay awake all night? You’ll find your new best friend in this double hit of espresso and brewed coffee. 


This one is for all those who want to take it easy in the summer heat. What better way than to top your coffee cup with some ice? 


This one is for those who just want to ease their conscience now and then for taking that extra shot of espresso – Cortado serves you an espresso, with a touch of milk! 

Keep sipping that cup of coffee! 

Big thanks to Aroop Mishra for the designs.