He was a psychotic maniac who murdered countless people, but there is little doubt about the fact that Adolf Hitler was a great orator. He had the ability to captivate his audience. Hell, he had the skill to brainwash a major chunk of the populous that supported his bat shit crazy ideologies. He wasn’t a fool. Short and stocky, he stood between two tall guards so that the focus would turn to him. He knew the tricks of the trade, I’ll give him that. But were his skills good enough to be cast in a Bollywood movie?

Well, these memes show the story of his stint in B-Town, however short, and how things panned out:

He started reminiscing about it during a speech.

*blur out to flashback*

Adolf was in a crowd that gathered to see Big B wave his hands.

*blur back in*

(Guess we’re going to flashback mode again)










Hearing that their Führer was once a desperate man, the crowd went hush and then he said:


So he took the only route he knew all too well!


Sadly, that was his only claim to fame. He wasn’t credited in the movie because Asrani put up a perfect performance.


There were rumours however that Hitler clicked this famous photo:

I’m guessing that was his fanboy moment!


Design Credit: Rohit Jakhu