You would think there are two kinds of people in the world: ones who hate the whole horoscope brouhaha, and the others who religiously scavenge for it in the morning papers every day. Wrong. There is a third kind: ones who get a kick out of the whole thing and yet understand that there might be as much science involved in it anyway.

Wherever you are in the spectrum, there are a few things we know for sure: Virgos are annoying, Aquarians really need to get over themselves, and Scorpios are dark, dark people.   

You know what else is dark (and funny because it’s true)? These brutally honest, Shitty Horoscopes, illustrated by Canada-based Amrit Brar. Known as ‘Musterni’, this rad artist gave life to the flaws, nay darker sides, of the 12 zodiac signs replete with some tough love. 

PS: If skulls don’t freak you out, by all means, get your sign framed and wall it up. We love us some morbid humor. 

Bitter truth, guys. 

If you are excited to check out the artist’s work, go here