It is always fun to learn something new and what could be better than learning to read a new language. But then again, learning to read a foreign language comes with its own difficult demand of time and effort. Imagining the tedious process of getting involved with the new alphabet system itself can be stressful on the grey matter. 

But what if learning to read a language was as easy as falling off a log? I don’t know about other languages, but there’s a way you can learn to read Chinese without any effort at all. 

We bring to you a few examples of the Chineasy method, which is an illustrated way to learn the language through interesting and whimsical illustrations.

1. Tree

2. Fire

3. Sun

4. Person

5. Mouth

6. Water

7. Moon

8. Woman

9. Roof

10. Jade

11. Master

12. Mountain

You will quickly be able to build complex compounds, words and phrases by trying out various combinations. It is almost like building a complex lego castle with simple building blocks.

Let’s try to read some really simple ones, or, at least, try to remember two words at a time.

So, how many do you remember?