Autocorrect is like this self-righteous prick who thinks he knows you better than you do. But what if it actually did?

Imagine if Autocorrect knew everything that’s going on in your head and autocorrected your feelings and emotions. That would be the end of pretending to be a cool person who likes people. Scary, right?

Check out these posters from a world where autocorrect won’t let you be pretentious:

The best way to kill a conversation is saying ‘Okay’.

‘Aur bata?’ is the snooze button for Indian conversations.

Seriously, why do people even say brb?

When your friends are comforting you, they’re actually lying.

If I ‘lol’ at your jokes, trust me I’m just exhaling 0.7 gms of air.

The only good comeback to ‘hmm’ is no comeback at all.

My weekend plan is to not make any weekend plans and watch Game of Thrones.


I can live without any human connection as long as I have unlimited pizzas and my TV shows.

The word ‘studying’ is derived from a Latin word which actually means putting 17 Snapchat stories at once crying about how much syllabus you’re left with.

 Does it look like I give one flying fuck about what you wore on Akshita’s brother’s graduation?

Did you know if the whole world slept for 1 hour, it’ll be the most peaceful one hour in the entire history?

‘Whatever’ is basically a ‘fuck off’ turned polite.

As soon as I receive a ‘What’s up’, I start wondering what this person wants from me.

 Please tell me exactly how long this ‘little’ of yours is.

Well, life would have been risky if Autocorrect was this accurate, but who doesn’t like to live on the edge?