The new college term is inching near and everyone seems to be very excited! Free from timetables and heavy school bags, we look forward to the purest form of freedom. A revamped wardrobe, new friend circle, late night parties – the list is endless. Tired after 14 years of school, we eagerly await the very first day of college, with a hint of nerves and an overwhelming excitement. 

But once you’re over the whole new college thing, and you’re all settled, you realise that this is a different ball game altogether. Grappling with the new environment, and trying very hard to keep your marks afloat, it dawns upon you that college is probably not all that great and fancy. 

Here are some illustrations about college life – the expectation vs the reality.   

1. The food can wait…maybe. 

2. Sweatpants to the rescue! 

3. Soon you’ll get over the whole, ‘It’s Friday, let’s party’ phase. 

4. Well, yes, minimum attendance is a legit thing.

5. When the Xerox wale bhaiya becomes your best friend. 

6. Honestly, ‘Exercise 4.1 from the Math textbook’ sounded way better. 

7. Well, a bit of leisure never did anyone any harm, right? 

8. Assignments and group projects become angels in disguise when your passing status is hanging in mid air. 

9. Please?

Have fun, freshers! 

Kudos to Aroop for the really cool illustrations.