Being a woman is no mean feat. It’s a round-the-clock job but nevertheless, a job that we love too much. We have many personalities, and a hundred different moods. We’re upbeat, we have our very own mind, and we love the freedom that comes with living alone. 

An Argentinian illustrator, Agustina Guerrero, illustrates the everyday life of a woman through these series of drawings, and we completely relate to them. 

We like to take our time to think about things. And in the end it pays off.

Yes, we like our freedom very much, and we cannot have a strip of clothing or anything else restrict that. 

Well, come to think of it, this is almost all of us after an unanticipated crazy night.

Really, we just like being comfortable in our skin. 

Yes, you can find clothes from the spring collection of 1995 in our closets. It’s because we believe everything has potential. 

Yes, we are quite crazy creatures and we have multiple happy, sad, grumpy, flirty, sexy and awesome personalities. 

Well, a girl needs what she needs, and sometimes things get lost in the myriad of the much needed things.

We’ve been meaning to solve this mystery, but alas, no theories yet.

We’re a diva and we believe in it!

Because sometimes we are our own motivation!

We also love our imperfections. 

We like adding a little bit of zing to all mundane activities. It keeps us entertained. 

We can be really mean sometimes, but it’s all in good jest. Mostly.

Hey, all of us are guilty of this one.

Ah damn! Those days.

I admit. 

That dreadful day. So true 

Yes we ponder, and sometimes it can be called over-thinking as well, it’s because we like to cover all our bases. 

Well, we are curious creatures by nature. 

Aren’t these amazing? We can totally relate to it.