Christmas without a tree is like hot chocolate without marshmallows. Can’t happen! It is an inconceivable idea for those who enjoy celebrating the spirit of this wonderful festival in its truest essence. It’s the star of the season, the guardian of the presents, the one happy place for friends and family to gather around. But sometimes, we don’t find the time to pick the perfect tree. And sometimes, we want to do it differently. So why not make Christmas extra special by making your very own tree?! You’ll be amazed at the options you can explore and the materials you can use to create one.

Here are the most inventive trees from around the world that inspire with their creativity and craft.

Take out all those books from your shelves and get going!


All you need is some twigs, leaves and a little time.


Just get a double ladder, open it and throw on some lights. Done!


Make a wall hanging and let it shine as your masterpiece.


Doesn’t get simpler and cuter than this, does it?

These mini trees look different and beautiful.


Tie some twigs together with a rope and hang pretty things.


The perfect blend of little flowers and lights for a stunner!


Take some fairy lights and nail them to your wall in the shape of a tree.


These decorative balls are available at every stationary store. Grab a few and you’re good.

Place Christmas greetings from loved ones on this useful stand/tree.


Grab some empty beer bottles and make this awesome tree happen.


Dangling ice-cream sticks (painted green) would do just fine.


A wooden panel and a spray paint can create the perfect wintery tree.


Get those old Diwali lights out and wrap them around a tree-shaped structure.

The same goes for this but with real leaves!


Stick some shiny, colourful objects on your wall to create this happy tree.


Geometric shapes have never looked so Christmasy!


Cut, paste, done!


Blow some balloons and tie them together for this green beauty

We hope this was inspiring enough to help you whip up a creative tree of your very own!