If you love all this tiny and have an appreciation for imagination in the mundane of things, we give you Tatsuya Tanaka. He makes some kickass miniature art out of daily objects and all of them look incredible.

Voting Doctor Strange to be the next Santa.

It’s a good day to go fishing. 

Ah, the water seems nice today.

What’s the prize?

Now this is a slam dunk. Literally!

My new iPhone is really multipurpose, you know!

That road to Strawberry Land is damn risky.

It sure has snowed quite a lot this year.

Oh this? This Jacuzzi is just for elite members. 

Why would I ever want to brush when I have a sink like this?

The beach seems appetizing today. 

Dragonball-Z was a real blast, wasn’t it? 

Cowabunga bitches!

Creativity at its best.