Exams are almost around the corner, and this is the time when most students panic, incorporating a hilarious behavioural change. At least for us desi folk, board exams are one of the quintessential checkpoints in our lives that we banged our heads over only to realise soon after that they mattered little. Nonetheless, last minute exam preparations come with a huge shift in attitude and some stereotypical thoughts and actions. All those memories!

So here are a few last minute exam preparation behaviours we’re all guilty of.

Those last minute calls just to check in on how far along your best friend is with his/her preparation. Mostly to have solace in the fact that you’re ahead of the curve, or at least, at par. 

Asking the geek in the class about his/her predictions of what will end up on the question paper. Just enough preparation required.

Making those ambitious group study plans, when you all know that you’re going to be doing everything except studying. Usually a bad idea.

The only time when that nerd in your class is your best friend. Got to work with what you got, right?

This is the time of the year that photocopy guy in the market next to your houses waits for. Business is good!


Story Credit: boredpanda.com

Them good, old days!

Masthead Source: facts4peace.com