Hundreds of YouTube videos and thousands of tutorials, none of them help when I try applying makeup every day. I manage, somehow, well enough to not get called out. 

And then there are artists like Mimi Choi, who create optical illusions with makeup. That’s right, she literally makes all the designs with cosmetics, on her face. She gains inspiration from people’s art, such as surreal paintings from artists and her own experiences during sleep paralysis. 

Here are some of Mimi’s ‘artworks’, taken from her Instagram handle.

1. Is this even real?

2. This one looks terrifying. 

3. Not your usual way of having ramen.

4. Tongue in eyes.

5. Melting face.

6. The perfect Halloween look.

7. Can’t tell where her actual features are placed.

8. That’s an eye.

9. Layers stitched together.

10. Peeling the skin off.

11. She knows the pond like the back of her hand.

12. This is where my mind gave up.

13. What the hell?

14. Monday morning face.

15. Bored, panda?

16. What sorcery is this?

17. These eyes are painted.

18. These too.

19. Best way to win rock-paper-scissors. 

20. I’m lovin’ this.

And here I am, incapable of even making wings with the eyeliner.